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Sing Over Me is an Indiegogo-funded documentary directed by Jacob Kindberg, a 2008 graduate of Biola University, who says the film is “about hope, identity, and the transformative power of the gospel.” By letting Jernigan tell his story of being “redeemed” from a homosexual lifestyle (he’s now married to a woman and has nine kids), Sing is easily the more instantly controversial of this trio of films.

Though it doesn’t openly advocate ex-gay therapy (nor does Desire orKidnapped), Sing does present a story of miraculous transformation that will ruffle features and incite fury from some viewers. But should Christians be skeptical too? As a people who believe in miraculous things like resurrection, sanctification, and a Holy Spirit that can renovate hearts and reorder desires, shouldn’t we be open to the possibility of changes we never thought possible, even while we acknowledge that many earnest prayers for change go unanswered? Kindberg and Jernigan think so.

Well shot and featuring Jernigan’s familiar songs throughout (“You Are My All in All,” “Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus"), Sing lets Jernigan himself tell his story, beginning with his childhood where, in a conservative Oklahoma church-going context, he first realized he was gay. There are a lot of tears as he shares about his struggle with depression and occasional thoughts of suicide, throughout his adolescence and college years at Oklahoma Baptist University, as he tried to reconcile his sexual orientation with his desire to live a faithful Christian life.

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